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Products will be produced using industry finest practices and strategies for all hardware, gaps and
spacing reductions, horizontal and vertical securing, etc
. The base and walls for any RODA system( s) must be built with correct wood blocking prior to setup to ensure the weight of the enclosure is effectively supported as it may result in item failure. At minimum, 2 x 4 stopping is required at the place of any structural member of the system including, but not limited to: hinges, clamps, and header brackets. All fasteners at these areas are required to be installed into the blocking. Basco is not accountable for fractures on the fiberglass or acrylic modules or product failure of any kind that results from inadequate stopping.
Depending of the panel size and or door hinge design, an assistance bar or header may be needed for proper stability.
Flooring to Ceiling panel( s) will be produced to be lift and drop when utilizing U-Channel as the horizontal protecting method unless noted otherwise.
Safety tempered glass can not be cut and is resistant to damage, however it is prone to damage if poorly handled through unequal pressure or if an unprotected edge is available in contact with any strong surface area. Basco is not accountable for damage after setup is finished.
Suppress Width Requirements for Rolling RODA Shower Doors
Comprehending your curb width versus your flat width is crucial when setting up moving shower doors. Usually, 3 inches is the tiniest width a curb can be. Nevertheless, with mindful measurement the doors can be set up on a smaller sized flat width. Please understand whether the moving shower door can fit depends on the discretion of the installer.
Installation Guidelines for Frameless Glass Doors
Blocking Thread

Example of proper thread engagement

Our intent at Basco is to ensure that our customers have access to items based upon a range of styles and preferences. Please refer to these standards for setting up heavy (3/8-inch) glass doors on fiberglass and acrylic substrates. The base and walls for any RODA system( s) should be constructed with the correct wood obstructing prior to setup to guarantee the weight of the enclosure is correctly supported.

Precautionary Standards:

When the U-Channel or glass clamp is screwed into the limit, the weight of the glass sits on top of the screws, requiring the structural support.
Without proper structural assistance, when the panel or door is moved this could cause the screws to move a little. Gradually, this small movement enlarges the hole the screw remains in and ultimately cracks (spider webs) the gelcoat or acrylic and begins to break down the fiberglass support.
Acrylic or fiberglass walls have blocking set up by the producer. However, the area of that backing may not match the area of where holes need to be drilled for vertical u-channel, wall install hinges, and headers.
Without appropriate backing behind the walls the door or panel(s) will ultimately slip out of the thin walls.
All structural aspects of RODA doors must follow these standards. These aspects consist of but are not limited to: hinges, headers, and clamps.
Basco needs sliding tub doors Coral Springs a minimum of 1-1/4" thread engagement of all fasteners into the blocking at any load bearing area. Depending on the application the consumer perhaps required to provide the proper fasteners to make sure sufficient engagement.
U-Channel may be secured into areas without blocking, omitting fiberglass and acrylic modules and/or bases, when wall plugs are used. Fiberglass and/or acrylic modules need proper blocking in all areas, including a u-channel.
Metal studs or strapping are not appropriate alternative to protecting load-bearing hardware.
Always describe regional building code. Regional building regulations may supersede Basco's requirements. Basco's requirements are to be related to as minimum requirements.

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